ECHO Stethoscope. Very First Retractable Stethoscope

Do you still want to live like it is the 1850's?

Always bending over in a compromising position or draping a stethoscope around your neck swinging haphazardly or potential of being strangulated with by an aggressive patient is not a way to care for your patients.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to carry your stethoscope clipped on to your person.

Even being able to use your skills outside of the hospital when someone needs some life saving.

So why not upgrade and clip on your stethoscope with the ECHO Retractable Stethoscope and move forward from that old outdated carry around your neck stethoscope design.

New Modern Retractable Stethoscope

Do you still carry your stethoscope around your neck?

“With the medical community having an increase of technology and innovation, why haven’t we changed the 160-year-old stethoscope”

Spoken by Mark Gross at the inaugural Rocky Mountain Veterans Pitch Competition Monday in Denver


Improvements to Sound Quality

We are working with two sound engineers, each with over 20 years of experience, to continue to improve the sound quality.  

Heart tones heard while testing with over 98 inches of tubing!

Blog posts

Functionality and Sound Quality

Functionality and Sound Quality

Hello All, Last week we meet up some two promising sound technicians, Doug and Jon, to see if they can help up to improve the functionality and sou...
Finish Line!!!!!!

Finish Line!!!!!!

Hello ECHO Community, We are working to finalize the CAD (Computer Aided Draft) designs to complete the first working prototype of the ECHO Retract...

ECHO Stethoscope Journey

  Hello fellow peers, My name is Mark V. Gross and I am the inventor of the ECHO Stethoscope, the world's first retractable stethoscope.  First, I ...

Future Developments

We are starting to take Pre Orders on our ECHO Plastic models to gauge how many we will need to make for our first order. 

As of right now we are improving the sound quality and just making minor adjustments to the ECHO Stethoscope.  I have found a modern design and an easy compact way to carry the ECHO Stethoscope.  If any of you have any suggestions or recommendations please feel free to leave a message in the blog post or email Mark at  We hope to have this first  order out very soon.


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