Functionality and Sound Quality

Hello All,

Last week we meet up some two promising sound technicians, Doug and Jon, to see if they can help up to improve the functionality and sound of the HERO Stethoscope.  We visited them at their work space and their resources and knowledge seem to be in tuned with ours.

Some of our parts are being fitted and re-engineered to have a better function than what we previously had and to give the HERO a better look for a retractable stethoscope.  We are on track to possibly start a Kickstarted by the end of the year.  So hopefully we can get this new medical product out to our early influencers and early adopters to finally be given proper feedback and ways to continue to improve.  Innovation is what we strive on doing to help out our medical community and hopefully save more lives by our efforts.

As always I am open to any help or suggestions as to continue to innovate this product and moving forward.  Please contact me at


Mark V. Gross

CEO / Inventor / Founder 


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