HERO Stethoscope

ECHO Retractable Stethoscope is now known as HERO Stethoscope.  We are in the business of making HEROs and support them with one of their most value tool to save lives. The road has been difficult in getting this finalized product out to you.  We don't want to stop you from doing what you do, helping and saving more lives.

The process to improve the sound quality is the biggest feed back that we got from you. While other company might sell low, medium and high grade chest pieces.  We want to skill all of that nonsense and just give the best that we have first.  We will always continue to improve the HERO Stethoscope, but we will give you our all the first time around.

Also the function of the retactor has to be up to speed for those of you who are at the front line of saving lives.  If you are a EMT, RN, MD, Medic, Military person who uses a stethoscope you understand how important it is to have the right equipment that works its best.  Thank you for being patient while we have to take this lateral step but we understand that you will always support us in this journey.

M. Gross


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