When is the HERO launching?

The hope is to get the HERO to you as soon as possible.  We are working really hard to make sure that the product that you use to save lives is up to your standards.

How is the sound quality?

Sound quality is good enough to hear lung, heart and bowel sounds.  Many of you asked for it to be better. So that is what we are trying to do. So you don't have to purchase multiple or more expensive stethoscopes just for improved sound.  With the HERO you should only have to buy it once.

How long is the tubing and is it flexible?

The tubing is going to be ~27 inches on each side, one side is the chest piece and the other is the earbud.  The tubing is very flexible, flexible enough to wrap around your finger.

If the HERO's body or retractor is made out of plastic is it going to be strong enough?

The plastic that the HERO will be made out of is called Polycarbonate.  This material is pretty strong and is what most of your badge retractors are made out of already.

How are you suppose to clean the retractor?

The retractor should be cleaned the same way you clean your badge retractor that you wear at the hospital.

If I don't working in the medical field and I still want to support the HERO Stethoscope movement, how can I do this?

You can always support HERO Stethoscope by purchasing a gift card for someone that you know that could use the HERO.  You can even just tell more people about the the HERO to bring awareness to a great tool for those who save lives.